National Justice for Animals Week 2012

When Alec died, I swore I would never adopt another dog. Losing him was too devastating. Then I heard Teagan’s story and changed my mind. This week, little Teagan is the mascot for ALDF’s National Justice for Animals Week. Check out her video!

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One response to “National Justice for Animals Week 2012

  1. Teppie Potts

    About Alec,

    I am currently in the same type situation with my dog Abby. She is almost 6 years old but on April 30, 2012 she had a sudden spinal cord injury of the T11 & T12. She had back surgery the next day. She does not have any deep pain perception from the waist down and can not walk. Did Alec have deep pain perception? I was inspired by your story and hope that one day Abby will walk again too. Please let me know any and all advise to get her walking again.

    Thanks Teppie & Abby

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