Hmm, not so “petit” after all…and completely disenchanted with Eddie’s Wheels.

Well, it looks like the “little problem” might be bigger than I thought. Leslie from Eddie’s Wheels unfortunately has been less than helpful. First she suggested I try “compressing” his bladder in the cart to get a stream flowing, since part of DM (degenerative myelopathy) is losing sphincter strength. I reminded her that Alec has IVDD, not DM, and explained that he has full bladder control and has not needed to be expressed in over a month. I also let her know that it’s basically impossible to express a dog who has control of his bladder muscles. I told her the only “accident” he had was the day after he got his cart because he was not able to urinate in it (despite the fact that I had no warning of this potentiality). And I said it was my understanding that dogs could urinate and defecate with no problem in these carts and that I would have considered different designs had I known this might be a problem. Finally, I let her know lifting his tail had worked a couple times, and not worked a couple times.

Her reply: “Most dogs can urinate with no problem in our carts, but a small percentage of males do have problems. I am sorry that your dog is one of them. Usually shifting the dog in the saddle solves the problem.”

Well, gee thanks! I only spent $500 on a cart that my poor dog, who has been through so danged much, can’t even urinate in (a serious problem given that a not-empty bladder virtually guarantees a urinary tract infection), which might be fine except for the fact that it says this on their website:

“Your pet can easily relieve itself and perform its normal bodily functions while in the cart.”

No mention of the “small percentage” of males who have problems, which of course would be helpful for customers to know before purchasing their cart, a rather expensive item. I can’t believe they would not even mention this “little problem” – a potential risk that the cart will pinch his urethra, thereby making it impossible for him to continue to urinate normally. And then act like it’s MY problem after they sell me the cart! Rrrrr. Yes, I am pissed off. Because Alec has had to deal with so much already and I really thought the people at this company actually cared about their clients’ companion animals. I guess once the sale is made, things change.

Luckily, Juli the rehab specialist is an angel and has been so helpful to us. She encouraged me not to return the cart – which they were only going to refund 2/3 the price of anyway…if I returned it in “new condition.” After paying shipping costs, I probably would have gotten $20 back. Not to mention no more walks for Alec until I ordered another cart and that we wouldn’t be able to move out of the office for several more weeks…ugh! Juli is convinced we can make it work and she even offered to come by tomorrow to see what she can do. We are so grateful for her. She is so much more helpful than the people who actually sold us the product. Thank you, Juli!! Tonight I shifted him around some and he was able to get a stream going, so maybe I will be able to fix this problem on my own. I hope so. No thanks to you, Eddie’s Wheels! I really hope they add a disclaimer to their website so other people will be aware of this potential problem before they put their dog in it.

Photo: A much happier moment right after the cart arrived, before I knew the thing would squish his urethra! Ali is enjoying a flying saucer filled with peanut butter, which successfully distracted him while we put him in the strange new contraption for the first time.


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2 responses to “Hmm, not so “petit” after all…and completely disenchanted with Eddie’s Wheels.

  1. ed

    Hi Nicole, Before I tell you how I came upon your story of Alec, I know it has been two years since you lost Alec, but I still wanted to say I am so sorry for your loss and what you and Alec had to go through. I came upon your site after searching on the terms “Eddies Wheels” and “cannot urinate.” I have a 110-pound German shepherd who became paralyzed as the result of a disc operation and I ordered a wheel chair from EddiesWheels. I was not informed of the inability to urinate problem “some” dogs have with Eddies wheelchairs. After I told Leslie of the problem (Leben, my dog, can urinate on his own when in a harness), she wrote back “There is a small percentage of male dogs who have problems urinating in our carts. It has to do with your dog’s plumbing – so the first thing is to check the height at the rear. Is Leben using the stirrups? If he’s not, try lowering the cart slightly and see if he can stand slightly above the saddle to urinate. We’ve also sent saddle shims to these male dogs to lift them slightly off the center of the saddle and that usually works.” Nice to know this now. Their web site should say this, but does not. Our stories sound similar. For reasons you wrote about Alec, it is so critical I find a solution to this that I drove out to Dr Parks, the inventor of the canine wheelchair, and he is making another cart for Leben, which I will pick up tomorrow. By the way, my pevious German sheperd, Sonntag, had a cart from K9 Karts and he was able to urinate from it. Dr Parks told me he gets a lot of customers who bought carts from Eddies Wheels who come to him for help.

    By the way, are you the Nicole from the ADLF who was involved in the Ringling elephant trial in DC? I attend the entire trial as an observor.

    Ed Mulrenin

    • Ed Mulrenin

      Eddie’s Wheels did work with me to design to wheelchair that allowed Leben to urinate from it, and it worked quite well.

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