National Justice for Animals Week 2012

When Alec died, I swore I would never adopt another dog. Losing him was too devastating. Then I heard Teagan’s story and changed my mind. This week, little Teagan is the mascot for ALDF’s National Justice for Animals Week. Check out her video!


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2 responses to “National Justice for Animals Week 2012

  1. Teppie Potts

    About Alec,

    I am currently in the same type situation with my dog Abby. She is almost 6 years old but on April 30, 2012 she had a sudden spinal cord injury of the T11 & T12. She had back surgery the next day. She does not have any deep pain perception from the waist down and can not walk. Did Alec have deep pain perception? I was inspired by your story and hope that one day Abby will walk again too. Please let me know any and all advise to get her walking again.

    Thanks Teppie & Abby

  2. Hello my name is Cristal I came across your page. And read your pets story. It was lovely. I too recently lost my beloved pet lily. To a vet Clnic that showed little to no compassion to my furry friend. Right now my heart is breaking since her loss. And trying to understand and asking why this happens so sudden. And I came across your story. Hoping it would bring me some form of comfort. I guess .

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