Alec and Me in Animal Wellness Magazine

I wrote an article for the June/July issue of Animal Wellness magazine about doggie wheelchairs, titled, “Freedom Regained: Canine Carts and Wheelchairs Get Disabled Dogs Moving Again” (pp. 74-5). Unfortunately, it’s not available online so I can’t post a link, but I picked up a couple copies of the magazine at Powell’s Books here in Portland; Barnes and Noble also carries it. Check it out if you happen to see a copy in your local bookstore!

It is a short piece (they only gave me 800 words, and you know I could say a lot more on this topic!), but I hope someone will see it and feel hope for their mobility-compromised canine companion. Knowing as much as I do about canine carts now, it is easy to forget that when Alec first became paralyzed two years ago, I didn’t even know if big dogs could use them. So I am glad Animal Wellness decided to cover this important issue.

Alec Update: Alec had his blood rechecked on Friday and the white blood cell count was significantly down, which is good. The oncologist believes the spike was due to a reaction between the chemo drugs and one of the herbs, so we are reintroducing them slowly. Live and learn! The weird thing is the holistic vet has never seen this reaction in any of his patients. Then again, Alec is special… this would not be the first time he did not respond as expected!


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4 responses to “Alec and Me in Animal Wellness Magazine

  1. Deb

    I'm glad to hear that Alec is doing well! I think of the two of you a lot…I will have to look for a copy of that magazine. It is in a couple stores around – none of them bookstores, which is sort of funny! Glad you were able to get an article published…a good warm up for a book, maybe?

  2. Connie, Orlando

    You two are truly the Dynamic Duo. Hugs to both of you.

  3. Sharon Discorfano

    Awesome! The article is great… and I'm so happy to hear the positive update. See you at TAFA?

  4. Reagan

    This is SO cool!!! Frame it for sure!!And I don't know where your previous post went, but I wanted to comment that I absolutely loved it.

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