I got Alec’s biopsy results (BENIGN HEMATOMA!!!!) yesterday, and it was hands-down the best day of my life. Yesterday simply was not long enough, though, so today is also the best day. And probably tomorrow too. And the day after that. It’s a miracle. There are just no words. But there IS champagne. And that is what I am doing now. But first I wanted to share the incredibly happy news and also say THANK YOU to everyone who spared kind words, good thoughts, positive energy, well wishes and/or prayers for Alec over the last several days. I just know IT WORKED and I straight up love you even if I have never met you. On behalf of me and Alec, thank you so much. We are so lucky. I can’t stop saying thank you out loud. I still think I am in shock. I have never been in shock from happiness and relief before. It is interesting and wonderful. I can’t describe it. I wish I could share a glass of champagne with you – although I only have one champagne flute, so yours will have to be served in a jar 😉 – but I lift my glass in spirit. I have never had a better reason to celebrate. I propose a toast to hope and love and faith in things not seen. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope your evening is as beautiful as mine.


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9 responses to “BENIGN HEMATOMA!!!!

  1. Reagan


  2. Ryan

    I'm so glad it's good news. I've been thinking about you (and Alec) the last few days. Reading your blog has helped me maintain some hopefulness on the days that I'm struggling a little with my own dog's potential for recovery.Alec has worked so hard (and you too) the last two years and he deserves as much comfort and happiness as possible for the rest of his life.

  3. Connie, Orlando

    What incredibly wonderful news. I was feeling guilty for not checking for news the last 2 days and waited for the page to pop up with trepidation. So very happy for the both of you. Sending hugs your way.

  4. Mary Martin

    What a relief. I was stunned when I read about what happened. He couldn't be in better, more loving and dedicated hands.

  5. kelly g.

    Oh, how wonderful! You and Alec both deserve some good news for a change. Give him plenty of hugs, kisses, belly rubs and treats!

  6. Dean

    That is fantastic news. You both deserve it. Hope the good luck continues.

  7. Nicole

    Thank you all so much for your sweet, sweet sentiments and kind words! I am drinking a toast to you right now. Yes, still drinking champagne, but it is the really cheap stuff (only 3.99 at Trader Joe's…but it has bubbles…and is PINK!) – everything else is going to vet bills!! Happily, I have never had really good champagne so I don't have anything resembling a discerning palate. Bright sides abound! :)I can't tell you how thrilled I was to be able to share GOOD news with you…both for the obvious reason and because I hate to be a downer. I never thought I would share something so potentially negative on here, but I found myself really hoping if I put it out there people would think good thoughts. And you did. You are all so kind to care. Thank you for sharing this happy moment with me. I know the only constant is change, but I am going to enjoy this one as long as it lasts…which I hope is a LONG while! Ryan, I am glad reading Alec's story has given you some hope and I am sending all best wishes for your little dog's recovery! A warm hug to you too…sometimes it is easy to neglect taking care of ourselves when we are concentrating so hard on taking care of our loved ones. Here's to the health and happiness of all our companion animals, with whom we are so lucky to share our lives!

  8. Matt M. Smith

    Hooray for Alec! Got your card today (that is SOOO sweet!) and had to decipher the "Cloud 9" part…actually, I had to just read it twice because I couldn't believe what it said…truly a miracle! Have a glass for me!I am sorry to hear about Ryan's dog though…know exactly what you mean about this strong woman, Nicole! Gave me hope to deal with our girls trauma…she is coming back strong!THANKS NICOLE AND ALEC!

  9. Morna

    I discovered your blog from the ALDF & started reading your post. I am so happy for you & Alec. We lost our GSD Pepper to cancer just a bit ago & miss her terribly. She was only 6 . I was getting worried for you until I actually went to your blog page to see the good news. Congrats 🙂

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